Mother's Sewing Room
Corn, Carrots, & Sugar Beets
Mashek, MI
The Newlyweds
St. Ignace, MI
West Gladstone, MI
Republic, MI
Quincy Mine, Defunct; Hancock, MI
On the Shore of the Old Au Sable.
Turkey Blind
Three Lakes Trading Post
Republic State Bank
If she'd been hurt worse, I'd be looking for you with a rifle.
First Grouse of the Season
Abandoned IGA; Watkins, MI
Bingo's Motel; Wakefield, MI
Uncle Bruce
Headwater of the Ford River
Dead Snake; Channing, MI
Camp Storage
Thunder Bay Inn; Big Bay, MI
Flooded Republic Mine
Bathtub Mary and Family
Jackson's Hardware; Ishpeming, MI
Target Practice at the Quarry
Christmas, MI
Last Season's Remains
Ewen, MI
Sundown at Camp
Sweltering Day on the Au Sable
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