The combination of images and text in the series Morning Light is the result of a personal exploration of heartbreak. The images, taken with a smartphone and edited using an aesthetic bounded by social media, document the ephemeral beauty of light within the home as a metaphor for the intimacy and immediacy of emotions and thoughts that occur throughout the course of a heartbreak. The emotionally raw text, derived from personal reflections, is handwritten below the image providing the overall composition a resemblance to a Polaroid, further suggesting the idea of immediacy.  

The morning you left, 2014


Tell me you don't love me, 2014


Last December, 2014


I woke up smelling you, 2014

Taylor Swift made you cry, 2014


The symptoms are one and the same, 2014


The crying part of grief, 2014


Stalled intimacy, 2014


Hot running emotions, 2014


What I want, 2014


I was mean last night, 2014


From Taylor to Alanis, 2014


Today is not that day, 2014


Digital Evidence, 2014


Morning Ritual, 2014

The one that got away, 2014